You are responsible for the safekeeping of your cryptographic assets!
Discover an added layer of protection for your digital wallets.

Follow these 3 steps to FULLY protect your own data.


Input and Encrypt

Input your private seed/pin code /password on the Portunus app. Do not worry, only you will get to see the data you input and nobody else. We encrypt the data and no information is stored anywhere expect where you trust it to.


Select Trustees

Select people you trust, we call them ‘Trustees’, to hold a part of your key. You will then be able to recover your secret code by asking them to return that part, should you ever need it.



Whenever you need your secret data restored, your Trustees will send you back the necessary data needed to recover it, safely and securely by leveraging the power of decentralization.

Your secrets are safe using Portunus.